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fig. 1 A wolf with cubs, the Rochester Bestiary, c.1230
fig. 2 Allart van Everdingen, A Party in Honor of the Bear and the Wolf from Hendrick van Alcmar's Renard The Fox, 1650 – 75
fig. 3 Calverley Old Hall interior, Yorkshire, construction date unknown
fig. 4 Crocotta, the Rochester Bestiary, c.1230
fig. 5 Gainsborough Old Hall, Lincolnshire, constructed 1455
fig. 6 Guildhall Interior, Exeter, Devon, constructed 1593 – 96
fig. 7 Guildhall, Exeter, Devon, constructed 1593 – 96
fig. 8 Miniatures of a fox and a wolf, Lincoln manuscript, Date Unknown
fig. 9 Queens College Hall drawn by Auguste-Charles Pugin, aquatint engraving by John Bluck. Published in A History of the University of Cambridge, its Colleges, Halls, and Public Buildings by William Combe, 1815
fig. 10 Reconstructed interior of Anglo Saxon hall, Butser
fig. 11 Robot Super Monster Wolf, Japan, 2018
fig. 12 Roman mosaic depicting the She-wolf with Romulus and Remus, Aldborough, c.300 – 400 ad
fig. 13 Stittenham wolf, c.600 – 700 ad
fig. 14 Unknown, Wolf of Chazes, shot by M. François Antoine de Beauterne, displayed at the court of Louis XV, c.1765
fig. 15 Woodcut of the image on the Vendel era helmet plate found on Öland, Sweden, depicting a weapon dancer followed by a Úlfhéðnar Viking berserker, Date Unknown